WOW Words on the Web - the book - by Elizabeth Campbell, EC Writing Services

 The complete online content writing book

Words, I’d like you to meet Style. Style, this is Words. Everything you’re about to learn in this book, I call “word styling”. It’s more than just writing, it’s more than content, it’s more than the pair combined.

It is about adding WOW factor and standing out. This is how you write web words that rock and get results.

Word styling (v): To take boring, unreadable, valueless content, give it a makeover and turn it into WOW words that create WOW moments. Usually performed by a word stylist (n).

WOW (adj): The word someone says when they read your online content. Often achieved by word styling (v).

This book is designed for you to pick up and put down as often as you like. Oh, and you won’t find those definitions above in any dictionary. They are from The Book of Liz. I made them up.

Let’s go!

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If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need “WOW”. Wow Words on the Web will become your writing bible. By far the best book I have read on content writing for the online world.

— Adam Houlahan – author, Social Media Secret Sauce


Words + Style = WOW

Untitled design (5)I love words. I live and breathe writing and writing online content such as websites, blogs and social. That’s how this book came about.

I love them so much I wrote a book about writing. Some may say that’s a little extreme. But I don’t.

When you’re passionate about something the words just flow, no pun intended.

So I penned my first book when I was 4 and by 14 I was a published journalist. I got into my first preference of journalist at uni after I finished school and then got a job with a country newspaper before I graduated.

I just wanted to write and learn and write, and write, and write…

Here’s how you WOW your readers online

There are five key areas that every piece of online content needs to cover: Strategy, Soul and Substance, Structure, Style and SEO. Here’s the low-down:

  1. Strategy
    The best content doesn’t happen by chance – there’s a strategy behind it. Here you’ll learn how to create your online content writing strategy, including figuring out exactly what you want your content to do for your business, committing to producing regular content and learning how to measure what works and what doesn’t.
  1. Soul and Substance
    Now, what to write about? You’ll learn the best ways to gather ideas so you can write to your heart’s content.

    Writing content every week will be easier with these in hand. Just think about what’s happening in your industry. Any news? What about within your company? You can even pull content together about something funny that happened to you today.
  1. Structure
    Once you have a list of ideas, you need to write them in a way that keeps your readers wanting more, so they move from the headline to your first paragraph, from that paragraph to the next, all the way to your call to action.
  1. Style
    This is what makes your content sound like you. This is how you stand out. Here you’ll find your unique writing voice, as well as big no-nos to avoid, and even how to bring your spelling, grammar and punctuation up to
  1. SEO
    Of course, because we’re online, we can’t forget about
    Google, or should I say the search engines. This chapter will show you how to make all of your new and existing content search-engine friendly, while still giving your readers exactly what they crave.

apple-icon-152x152This book shows you how to do all of this and more in a really simple-and-easy to follow format with tips and Word Style Steps along the way.

There are more than 77 tips! Plus (up there to the top right) there are more than 15 free templates to give your online content writing the kick it needs.

So what are you waiting for!

And if you’d like free writing tips, tricks, hints, blogs, information, education delivered straight to your inbox, simply sign up to the Word Style File. If you don’t have the book, I invite you to download a free chapter. You’ll soon see this is the book of your online content writing dreams!