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If the shoe fits …

The “Content Catwalk” is where it’s at, people.

There is this massive wave that everyone is riding at the moment and it’s called content marketing, aka what I call the “content catwalk”. Google’s algorithms are becoming more focused on quality content, which means that the words in your blogs, online articles and websites have never been more important.

If you get left behind in the wash of this wave, you are doing your business a disservice. There is no reason why small businesses can’t look good online through the power and beauty of words they have written themselves.


HOT ONLINE CONTENT WRITING TIP: The best thing you can do is to jusUntitled design (12)t sit down and write. Don’t worry about the spelling, grammar and punctuation (yet); just write. Get it all out and then massage and polish it – and send it to a great proofreader.


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Wow – Words on the Web is a must read for small business owners who don’t know where to start when it comes to writing their web content. It will teach you how to stand out from your competition and engage your desired audience so you can boost your bottom line. Liz’s approach is easy to understand and implement.

— Abbey Dalgleish – co-owner and co-author, Makeup Media Marketing